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Life-changing experiences

For participants, the competition expands horizons and initiates changes in attitude and behaviour in a way many might never have experienced before.

Past participant Dr Robert Grundy, now a mentor, an advisor to the Northern Ireland Government on biotechnology, and Founder and Director of Anglezarke Life Sciences Ltd, said:

It kind of set a fuse off in my mind when I was in the first year of my PhD and realised I was interested in pursuing some kind of scientific career. The business aspect of science really appealed to me, the dynamism in that application of science.

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Alicia Greated

Dr Alicia Greated
Heriot-Watt University

Charles Veys

Charles Veys 


Dr Richard Gibbs
Marks & Clerk


Dr Ranmali Nawaratne
The Francis Crick Institute


Dr Samantha Decombel
FitnessGenes™ Limited


Dr Vittoria Danino
University of East Anglia

Kouki Harasaki

Dr Kouki Harasaki
Andreessen Horowitz

James Logan of ARCTEC and Vecotech Ltd

Professor James Logan
ARCTEC and Vecotech Ltd

Katy Montague of AstraZeneca

Katy Montague


Professor Kev Dhaliwal
Edinburgh Molecular Imaging


Dr Matt Wilcox
Newcastle University


Dr Tom Ellis
Imperial College, London

Seedball - Anna Attlee and Emily Lambert

Dr Ana Attlee &
Dr Emily Lambert Seedball


Dr Iwan Roberts

Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins
Kinewell Entergy Ltd


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