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Travel policy


Reasonable expenses (defined below) are paid when travelling to the workshop.

The policy below assumes your team will be travelling together. If this is not the case, ask for some advice on the variations that may incur in your claim (eg if a team is travelling by rail and car, a claim cannot be made for both).

Expense claims should be made in accordance with the instructions outlined below.

Travel Policy


Mileage can be claimed for a maximum of two cars per team. This can be claimed for travel to and from the workshop. The mileage allowance that can be claimed for a car is 30p per mile and 24p per mile for a motorcycle.

The journey is defined from your current university of study to the workshop.

When using your own vehicle, please check your motor insurance allows you to do so . Normal motor insurance cover is for social, domestic and pleasure use only.

Car hire

It may prove more economical to use a hire car rather than claiming for mileage. Only one hire car can be claimed for when the whole team is travelling to and from your current university of study to the workshop.

In order to minimise costs, it is important that the car is refuelled before it is returned to the hire company.

Please take advice from your university regarding their preferred supplies for car hire.

Parking charges

Parking charges incurred as part of the journey may be claimed for. Receipts are required, however, if these are not available in instances such as paying by mobile phone, proof is required by supporting credit card statement.

YES will not reimburse any parking fines or costs for any other traffic offences committed whilst travelling to and from, and during the workshop. 


The fare for a standard rail journey will be paid.

You must book your tickets in advance to secure the cheapest fare possible. If you have a railcard, please use this to secure an even cheapest fare.

Where possible a shuttle bus service will be provided between the train station and the workshop venue.

You must keep your tickets when leaving the station to claim reimbursement so please ensure you present your ticket to a member of the station staff at the barriers.


Receipts are not required as it is recognised that the ticket can sometimes be retained by the underground ticket barriers. Where personal Oyster Cards are used, you may only reclaim the cost incurred on the journey.


A 16-25 Railcard cannot be claimed for.


The fare for necessary journeys by taxi can be claimed, however, it is expected that this means of travel is used only where other forms of public transport are not available or impractical in the circumstances.

Air fares

It may prove more economical to fly. All travellers are expected to travel on the lowest suitable airfare available.

Hold luggage cannot be claimed for.


Refreshments, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, before or during travel, cannot be claimed for.

Submitting your expense claim

Submit one claim per team wherever possible. Submission is the responsibility of the team co-ordinator using the official University of Nottingham claim form with evidence of spend (eg tickets, receipts) for all members.

When saving your electronic files, prefix each document with your Team ID.

Once completed, return to Tracey Hassall-Jones at the email address below who will organise authorisation and then pass to the Payment Centre for processing.

It is advisable to keep a copy of the claim and receipts for your personal records. This will help if there are any discrepancies or the claim is lost.

You will receive money into your bank account within five to six weeks of submission.

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