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Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some questions we are asked regularly. 

Do we have to arrange our own accommodation?

Accommodation will be organised on your behalf on the Wednesday and Thursday night. You must make your own arrangements if you come early (before check-in) or stay late (after check-out).

Meals will be provided throughout the three days of the workshop. Any incidentals (eg telephone calls, newspapers, drinks) must be paid for and settled with the venue on your departure.

When can we gain access to our rooms at the workshop?
Typically, bedroom check-in is after 3pm on the Wednesday and check out on the Friday is 12pm. A secure room for your luggage will be provided on the Wednesday and Friday.
Will Wi-Fi be available at the workshop venue?
Yes, but Wi-Fi availability may be limited.
Is there a dress code?
The dress code for the first two days is smart casual. The dress code for the third day is business attire.
Do we get any help with travel costs?
Yes, reasonable travel expenses are paid. Please refer to the travel policy for full details.
What information is provided by the organisers to help me?

All team members accepted for entry will be invited to take part in a briefing session that will be held as a webinar on Thursday 6 August 2020.

The session will be recorded to enable all participants to replay the talks and review online.

Can you explain what you mean by a hypothetical idea?

Your idea should be based on science and engineering that is realistic, but is currently hypothetical. For example, you could assume for the sake of the competition, as a previous winning team did, that a micro-organism has been identified with novel enzymatic activity. Remember that your idea must be believable; you should be able to account for the advances in science and engineering needed to develop your hypothetical technology.

It is very important that if your idea is based on a piece of real research that is not yet in the public domain, you seek advice from your Supervisor/Head of Department. As you will learn at the workshop, disclosure of confidential information can prevent patenting the idea that has been disclosed.

How much preparation do I need to do beforehand?
You must have a clear view of your hypothetical idea and obtain the information you require to evaluate your market (e.g. competitors, customers), IPR (e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights), finance (e.g. funding, costs) and operations (facilities, utilities, materials, human resources).
Do we have to produce a written business plan at the workshop?
No, you do not have to prepare a hard copy of your plan because you will be assessed solely on the oral presentation. The aim of your presentation is to convince the panel to invest in your idea, company and team.
Where can I go to get help with developing my idea?
Teams are advised to seek help from the technology transfer office (or equivalent) at their institution. There may also be seminars held on IP, commercialisation and other related issues that participants can attend to develop better understanding of the idea.
How long is the oral presentation?
Each team is allotted 25 minutes; 15 minutes presentation and 10 minutes for questions. Each team member must contribute to the oral presentation.

Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

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