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We’ve pushed back the autumn workshops to 2021 so over the course of the next six months we’re going to be delivering an online programme to maintain engagement with our 25th cohort.

Alongside this programme, we are establishing a mentoring pool to support the researchers not only in the development of their YES proposition but also make them more career wise; expand their industry/academic network; develop their confidence; increase their transferable skills; and gain further insights into business.

Level of commitment

Mentors can opt to engage as a one-off or once a month. If the latter it will be a different team (consisting of four or five members) each month.

The date of engagement will be agreed by both parties and will probably last no more than 60 minutes ideally taking place via an online platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Online mentoring



To register interest in becoming a mentor, please complete the form below. We will then contact you to co-ordinate the mentor/mentees matching.

We will not share any data provided without your consent.

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Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

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