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Final hosted at the Royal Society, London

One team selected from each of the streams at the workshops will be invited to progress to the final which is to be held at the Royal Society on 11 December 2018.

The final will start at 2pm and conclude with the awarding of the prizes presented that evening at the dinner.

Each team has ten minutes for their presentation with ten minutes of questions from the judging panel.

Finalists will have an opportunity to compete for a prize fund of £16,5k.

Usha Aryal from the University of Leicester – team member of SenzaSeeds who won the 2014 competition

YES18 Finalists

Queen Mary University of London

AbouT presents EfficaSil, a novel nanotechnology-based drug delivery system. This versatile and biodegradable nanoparticle improves drug delivery.

AbouT launches Nikibi, a unique acne skin care formulation, combining the EfficaSil technology with an anti-acne treatment, supported by the self-assessment mobile App AbouT You.


Global Diagnostic Solutions (GDS) 
Queen Mary University of London

GDS offers a non-invasive novel and rapid diagnostic test to detect global infectious diseases. GDS's primary product, PlasmoDec™, specifically detects malaria and monitors its outbreaks.


Health & Co
University of Sheffield

Health & Co have discovered a small molecule which is capable of inhibiting sperm motility without reducing testosterone, applied to be used as a male contraceptive method. It is non-invasive, easy to use and a revolutionary product.

Universities of Durham, Liverpool & Newcastle

LactoLab aims to reduce non-degradable single-use plastic in labs by providing a compostable alternative using food industry by-products. Plastic is rendered chemically and biologically inert through a novel coating.


University of Reading

MooFree uses genetically engineered yeast to produce dairy proteins.

MooFree dairy proteins help businesses provide sustainable, ethical dairy proteins without having to compromise on taste and nutrition unlike any other options currently on the market.

MooFree 100% Dairy. 0% Cow.


University of Leicester

Phytocolours reduce pollution from the fashion industry by providing structurally coloured cellulose fibres from microalgae. Our product Rayonbow™ is used in the manufacture of eco-sustainable textiles to produce fabric that never fades but doesn’t cost the earth.


Loughborough University

Living in the city shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your own garden! SkyEarth is a lightweight green roof system that can support high biodiversity in an urban environment. Their unique product is formed from a biodegradable hemp layer combined with innovative gel for nutrients and water.


Viridios Coatings
University of Nottingham

Viridios Coatings have developed a hydrogel sealant capable of sustaining plant growth while protecting underlying concrete.


Running order

Each team has 10 minutes for their presentation with
10 minutes questions from the Judges.

The teams will be invited to pitch in the following order:

  • AbouT
  • SkyEarth
  • Phytocolours
  • Viridios Coatings


  • Global Diagnostic Solutions
  • LactoLab
  • Health & Co
  • MooFree

Our judges

  • Jelena Aleksic, SparkBio Ltd†
  • Ana Attlee, Seedball†
  • Richard Bassett, Potter Clarkson
  • Uzma Choudry, Octopus Ventures†
  • John Cassidy, Cambridge Cancer Genomics†
  • Jim Crilly, JF Crilly Associates
  • Sam Decombel, FitnessGenes Ltd†
  • Dave Hughes, Syngenta
  • Fiona Marston, CEIDR
  • Mike Shearan, James Cowper Kreston
  • Dan Simmons, Quensus†
  • Pauline Stasiak, LifeArc
  • Liisa van Vliet, Drop-Tech Ltd†

†YES alumnus


Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

  • Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • Jubilee Campus
  • Nottingham, NG8 1BB