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Final hosted at The Royal Society, London

The two teams selected from each of the workshops will be invited to progress to the final which is to be held at The Royal Society in London on Tuesday 12 December 2017.

The final will start at 2pm and conclude with the awarding of the prizes presented at the evening dinner.

Accommodation will be provided the night of the final. Dress code is business attire.

After receiving written feedback from the workshops, each team has the opportunity to refine their business strategy in light of these comments.

Usha Aryal from the University of Leicester – team member of SenzaSeeds who won the 2014 competition

Each team will also be required to submit, via email, an executive summary (two A4 pages in length) of their business plan. The summary, created in Microsoft Word, can contain graphics but the font should be Verdana size 10, all margins should be 2cms, and the header and footer should contain no content. The deadline for submission is Monday 27 November 2017. The summary will be distributed to the judges prior to the final.

Each team has strictly ten minutes for their presentation with ten minutes of questions from the judging panel. All team members need to be involved in the presentation.

The criteria against which team business plans will be judged:-

  • overall structure and presentation;
  • plausibility of the research and development and IP strategy;
  • feasibility of the commercial and marketing strategy;
  • feasibility of the financial planning strategy; and
  • feasibility of the management and personnel strategy.

Finalists will have an opportunity to compete for a prize fund of £7,500.

The winners of Biotechnology YES will also receive sponsored places by the BioIndustry Association to their gala dinner which is taking place on 25 January 2018 at The Brewery in London.

Young Entrepeneurs Scheme

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  • Nottingham University Business School
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