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Final hosted at the Royal Society, London

One team selected from each of the streams at the workshops will be invited to progress to the YES19 final which is to be held at the Royal Society, London
on Tuesday 10 December 2019.

The final will start at 2pm and conclude with the awarding of the prizes presented that evening at the dinner.

Finalists will have an opportunity to compete for a prize fund of £15k.

Looking back on YES18

YES19 Finalists

Aura Biomedical
University of Liverpool
At Aura Biomedical, we address big health challenges using innovative science, specialising in the synthesis of small synthetic compounds which harness the natural function of the human microbiome. Our new compound, Bronchozolone, increases efficiency of the bacteria within the lung microbiome to neutralise harmful pollutant gases as you breathe.
Cloud Break Technologies
University of Leeds
Cloud Break Technologies presents the Orbis heating system - the future of home heating. Our 'cloud breaking' technology allows users to heat their home using the power of the Sun all year round, all while saving both money and the environment.
University of Leeds
D.O.R.I.S. provides an in-depth gait analysis solution capable of accurately predicting your risk of musculoskeletal diseases. Based on our ten year catalogue of patient data, our algorithm analyses your walking cycle to provide personalised risk analyses and risk reduction techniques using the technology available in your smartphone.
University of Liverpool
Hydroot has genetically modified a root-associated bacterium which produces a water-retaining organic matrix around the root allowing better water retention in the soil leading to a decrease in water usage.
Invecta Solutions
University College London
Invecta Solutions offers an innovative manufacturing process that dramatically decreases the cost of AAV virus-based gene therapy products. Their cell-free synthesis platform also minimises production time, ensuring that novel gene therapy products reach the market faster.
University of Manchester
Larvita presents an automated, modular, vertical insect farm, which recycled food and brewery waste to produce high protein, nutrient-boosting poultry feed and a low cost, natural fertiliser. Larvita designed compact, efficient farms in repurposed shipping containers which were situated on urban brownfield sites to promote more sustainable land-use.

Running order

Each team has 10 minutes for their presentation with
10 minutes questions from the judges.

The teams will be invited to pitch in the following order:

  • Invecta Solutions
  • Larvita
  • Cloud Break Technologies
  • Aura Biomedical


  • Hydroot
  • D.O.R.I.S.

Our judges

  • Ana Attlee, Seedball†
  • Jim Crilly, JF Crilly Associates
  • Tim Hart, Oxentia†
  • Tianqi Li, Better Futures†
  • Fiona Marston, Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research
  • Jim Morton, Syngenta
  • Mike Shearan, James Cowper Kreston
  • Malcolm Skingle, GSK
  • Pauline Stasiak, LifeArc
  • Hannah Thompson, Cambridge Cancer Genomics†
  • Jane Wainwright, Potter Clarkson

†YES alumni


Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

  • Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • Jubilee Campus
  • Nottingham, NG8 1BB