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Briefing session

Simon Mosey, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Nottingham University Business School, will host the briefing session webinar on Tuesday 1 August between 11am-1pm. The session will include:

  • a description of the competition;
  • what you have to do before and during the workshop;
  • what a hypothetical but plausible idea is; and
  • a question and answer session.

The session will be videoed to enable participants to replay the talks and review online.

Getting prepared for participation in YES 2016

Mentor Forum


Sessions conducted via LinkedIn will provide advice on IP, licensing, regulatory issues, operations management, raising and managing funds.

The mentor forum sessions will be hosted weekly from Monday 7 August.


Young Entrepeneurs Scheme

  • Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • Jubilee Campus
  • Nottingham, NG8 1BB