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A friend and advocate of YES is heading home

I first met Dr Martino Picardo ten years ago when he was Managing Director of the University of Manchester Innovation Company (UMIC); a company set up by the university to manage all incubation facilities.

Martino offered to host a Biotechnology YES workshop at UMIC and for those of you who have not met Martino, he has great powers of persuasion. The plan went ahead in October 2007!

Tracey Hassall-Jones


 Dr Martino Picardo


The wonder years

Our collaboration then went from strength to strength and between the years of 2007-2010, Martino hosted four further workshops at UMIC before heading south to become the first CEO of Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC). SBC is the UK's first open innovation biomedical catalyst and is a joint venture between the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Wellcome and Innovate UK. Upon his departure Dr Laura Etchells (Enterprise Development Manager at UMIP) took on the mantle of working with YES and still does today.

Each year since 2012, with the support of Dr Malcolm Skingle (Director of Academic Liaison at GSK), Martino and Miranda Knaggs (Business Manager at SBC), a biomedical themed workshop has been hosted on the Stevenage Campus with another planned for this autumn.

Reasons why Martino is great to work with!

There are many reasons why YES enjoy their partnership with Martino:

  • His enthusiasm is infectious
  • He has a never-ending supply of energy and positivity
  • He always makes time for you
  • His little black book is full to bursting with invaluable connections
  • He doesn't take no for an answer so you volunteer without even knowing it
  • He empowers you to go forth and achieve when you doubted you could
  • He is never happier than when he is enabling you to succeed
  • Even when the Red Devils are not in good form he always offers that ray of hope, which is great as a fellow Mancunian and supporter

A return in autumn 2017

For those who may have met Martino, please join me in thanking him for being a friend and advocate of YES and wishing him luck in whatever venture he moves onto next.

Hopefully this will not be a final goodbye for YES as, fingers crossed, we can persuade him, on this occasion, to join us this autumn for #YES17!!

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