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YES is designed to develop business awareness and an understanding of entrepreneurship in UK postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. This goal is achieved through a competition in which those participating prepare a business plan for a hypothetical company. 

The winners of YES17 were announced on Tuesday 12 December at The Royal Society in London:

The winners of Biotechnology YES were CryoThaw from the University of East Anglia. Their company presented CryoThaw Heart: a game-changing solution that allows hearts to be cryopreserved and reanimated back to a viable state. This allows for extended storage times and improved post-transplantation outcomes for patients.

The winners of Engineering YES were mHealth WatchDog from Aston University. Their company developed the world’s first implantable blood-test lab for continuous monitoring of key metabolites related to heart attacks, including troponin. Their powerful proprietary machine-learning algorithms analyse this data to predict a heart attack up to four hours in advance, allowing emergency services to intervene, evidently improving survival rates.

The winners of Environment YES were Hygrow Ltd from the University of Nottingham. Their company developed Chloroblast®, a chemical that enhances crops natural protection against drought. It is sprayed onto the leaves before a drought to close the stomata early, retaining water and increasing the harvest yield.

The following awards were also presented at the finals:

  • Best consideration of financial planning strategy sponsored by James Cowper Kreston won by Pi2 (University of Leicester)
  • Best consideration of IP strategy sponsored by Potter Clarkson won by Pheromone Solutions (University of Liverpool)
  • Best healthcare business plan sponsored by GSK won by Alauna Diagnostics (University of Reading)
  • Best plant, microbial and environmental business plan sponsored by Syngenta won by Hygrow (University of Nottingham)
  • Best innovative idea sponsored by The Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and by Potter Clarkson won by Circalis (National University of Singapore and A*Star)
  • Best presenter award sponsored by The Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship won by Sophie Harrington of Active Plant Protection (University of East Anglia)
  • People’s choice award sponsored by Indigo won by CryoThaw (University of East Anglia)

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